Eric Gunther

Eric Gunther was born in New York in 1978. He studied Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at MIT, where he also worked on his Masters thesis in tactile composition at the MIT Media Lab. He lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he is co-founder of the art and design firm Sosolimited. For seven years, Eric worked as Art Director at Small Design Firm, where he created high-tech interactive installations for clients around the world. He builds vibrotactile sculptures and thinks about how to create new aesthetic experiences for the body using technology.

Eric is half of the dynamical musical duo gloobic and a frequent artistic collaborator with Jeff Lieberman. He has done sound design for radio and documentary film, and is a prolific musician. He has a compulsive dancing problem, as witnessed in elevators, bathrooms, his sleep, and the occasional music video, and wishes there were better places to go out dancing in Boston. Through his collaboration with choreographer Emily Beattie, he has become deeply interested in dance and human movement.

Sosolimited creates interactive installations, applications, and live performances. These projects incorporate elements of dynamic typography, video manipulation, computer vision, sensor technologies and sound design. Sosolimited performed ReConstitution, an award-winning live remix of the US Presidential Debates. Past clients include IBM, HBO, LG, Cirque du Soleil, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, L'Oreal, Honda, and the Nobel Peace Center. The studio has performed and exhibited artwork at Ars Electronica, Transmediale, Walker Art Center, Shanghai Biennial, ICA Boston, and the Cartier Foundation.

Workshop: Semantic Sabotage

We rely on machines—digital, analog, and squishy human machines—to edit, deliver, and interpret streams of information for us every day. In this workshop, we will investigate and design means of disrupting the processes of human/machine information consumption.

Participants will choose from a prepared set of streaming transcripts—television shows, movies, and political speeches—and design a dynamic typographic visualization that deconstructs the text stream in real time. Each participant will choose an aspect of the transcript to explore and explode. We will use language processing libraries to search and parse the text, and develop web-based visualizations.

Requirements: The workshop will be 3 hours long. Attendees will need a laptop and should have some familiarity with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Designers and programmers welcome. We will provide the backend and frontend software infrastructure for streaming, parsing, and displaying the text stream in a web browser.

Session: Texts 'n Effects

Sosolimited will talk about algorithmic web TV hacking, remixing the presidential debates live, and putting tweets on a ferris wheel.