Marcus Wendt

Marcus and Vera-Maria Glahn co-founded FIELD, a creative studio for digital art and generative design in London. In search of a new digital aesthetic, their dynamic and expressive artworks take shape in large scale installations, animation, print, and on mobile platforms. 

FIELD is a new type of creative team with a strong artistic agenda and an entrepreneurial spirit. With a diverse range of collaborators, FIELD has created work for clients and institutions such as Deutsche Bank, Aol., GE, the Museum of London, Ninja Tune, and the Red Bull Music Academy, while their experimental films and installations have been shown at festivals and galleries around Europe and in the U.S.

Marcus uses programming and code libraries like a toolbox to develop individual solutions from scratch, to burst or expand the possibilities of traditional design methods. He is fluent in a variety of modern programming languages and techniques, including Processing, Java, Scala, C and C++, Objective C; further OpenGL and scripting for 3D environments like Maya or Blender.

Session: Knee-deep in the Datastream

Before giving a peek behind the scenes of some favourite FIELD projects, Marcus and Vera will take you on a field trip leading from skateboard culture and experimental media arts; past flocking birds, brain scans and contemporary painting; to a process-based design approach, and a new aesthetic yet to explore.