Kim Rees

Kim is Head of Information Visualization at Periscopic, and is a prominent individual in the information visualization community. She has over sixteen years of experience in the interactive industry.
She has published papers in Parsons Journal of Information Mapping, was an award winner in the VAST 2010 Challenge, and is a guest blogger for Kim has been featured on CommArts Insights and has presented at several industry events including the Wolfram Data Summit, Strata, VisWeek, Tableau Software Conference, WebVisions, and Portland Data Visualization.
Recently, she was the Technical Editor of Visualize This, by Nathan Yau of She was a judge on the WikiViz Challenge 2011 and CommArts Interactive Annual. Kim received her BA in Computer Science from New York University.

Panel: Data Vizualization + Social Justice

Can bar charts change the world? In this panel, we'll examine how data visualization can aid in communication, activism, and criticism around social change. We'll discuss examples of how dataviz has been effective to effect positive change, and will also examine cases where these kinds of strategies have been ineffective (and in some cases, harmful).