Joshua Noble

Joshua Noble is a developer, designer, teacher, and daydreamer based in Portland, Oregon and Copenhagen, Denmark and is the author of Programming Interactivity: A Designer's Guide to Processing, Arduino, and openFrameworks. He likes to think about and work on spaces, places, computation, and communication.

He wrestles with how to say what it is that he does but lately he's been going with "I philosophize about human computer interaction". He believes that art, design, programming, and electronics are all more or less the same task: understanding what we want technology to do and how technology is changing us. Joshua is most interested in making tools for understanding, learning, and exploring the world and one another especially by recycling and repurposing spaces, objects, concepts using simple, inexpensive, and extensible components.

As an undergraduate, Joshua studied linguistics and cognitive science so he is also quite interested in exploring tools and techniques for learning languages and systems. His work is all done done with C/C++, ActionScript, Processing, AVR controllers, pencil, paper, coffee, and the occasional long run to clear his head.

Workshop: Intermediate openFrameworks (007 and Beyond)

Separate registration is required for each pre-conference workshop. Details on the Eyeo registration page.

The new release of openFrameworks, 007, introduced a wealth of new functionality and a redesign of some of the core functionality. This workshop will dig deeper into OF and into those new features, looking at what's new in OF and what that enables us to do faster and more effectively, especially the new 3D and OpenGL features added in oF. This workshop will also introduce some of my favorite addons that extend the capabilities of oF and talk of some of my favorite new developments in the oF ecosystem.

More specifically we'll blaze through: Going from Points to Lines to Meshes. Making your OpenGL life easier with FBOs and VBOs. Using GLSL in openFrameworks. Smart Pointers and other ways to avoid memory leaks and crashes. How to dig into computer vision a little more deeply. Audio synthesis using Maximilian. Talking to anything over OSC, MIDI, UDP, HTTP, and Serial. Running OF pretty much anywhere (Mobile Devices and ARM platforms).

none: Book Signing Event

Join us in Gallery 8 at 4:30 for a book signing event with several Eyeo speakers including Ben Fry, Casey Reas, Joshua Noble, Manuel Lima, Jonathan Harris and Daniel Shiffman.