Andrew Bell

Andrew Bell is from Texas, so he has a long history of punishing computers. As a co-author of Cinder, he's both proud and humbled to be helping makers all over the world produce amazing code-driven creative work. He's currently employed as a Technology Research Fellow for The Barbarian Group, where his labors are open-sourced and laser-focused on making Cinder the most potent creative coding framework on the planet.

Before this role Andrew helped create the Digital team for the The Mill, did a stint as a Creative Technologist for The Barbarian Group, and was a Technical Director in the visual effects industry for Method. He also spent time in "proper" software development working for Adobe on the Photoshop team as well as at the effects software company DigiEffects. He has a degree in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin, and is a second generation programmer - thanks Dad.

Session: Feeding Babies with Creative Code

Despite a growing recognition of creative coding as a valuable skill, it's still challenging to find full-time employment practicing it. In this talk I'll discuss the past, present and future of creative coding as a professional discipline. I'll also look at how the Cinder C++ library fits into this landscape, and discuss some of the directions its creators and community are evolving it in service of a new breed of creative coder.