Moritz Stefaner

Moritz works as a freelance information visualizer, and researches new forms of interactive visualizations on the crossroads of interface design, data visualization and information aesthetics. He holds degrees in Cognitive Science (B.Sc. with distinction) and Interface Design (M.A.). His work has been exhibited at SIGGRAPH and ars electronica. In the past, he has worked with clients like Skype, the World Economic Forum and the German press agency dpa. He was nominated for the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany 2010. Find his personal portfolio at, he also blogs at and

Session: Truth and Beauty

Moritz Stefaner keeps chasing the perfect form for information. In his talk, he will deconstruct some of his recent works, shedding some light on his work process and the rationale behind the design decisions. We will also learn about some of his experiences in how to make a living as a freelance information visualizer, and why a flower garden can be a perfectly fine data visualization of the latest OECD country ranking. Also, he has a lovely German accent.

Class: Data Viz 201 - Tips and Techniques in Visualizing Data

Jer, Wes and Moritz will discuss the process in visualizing data. They'll share some creative tips, techniques and tools they commonly use to visualize data. This workshop is for anyone interested in a more advanced creative and technical process of visualizing data. Any tools (i.e. Processing) or downloadable source content associated with the class will be posted here beforehand.

Panel: Visualizing Complex Issues

How is data visualization changing how we investigate and understand complex issues -- from cities to economies to human behavior. We'll use recent work from the panelists along with other projects at various scales to explore what we can now know through big data and design.

Moderated by Adam Bly with panelists Amanda Cox, Moritz Stefaner and Wes Grubbs.