Marius Watz

Marius is an artist working with visual abstraction through generative systems. An autodidact, he dropped out of Computer Science studies to pursue visual work based on parametric processes. He is known for his bold use of colors and hard-edged geometric compositions.

In 2005 he founded Generator.x, a curatorial platform that has resulted in a series of events related to generative art and design. Generator.x 1.0 was a conference at Atelier Nord in Oslo, accompanied by a travelling exhibition organized by the Norwegian National Museum that lasted until the end of 2007. A Generator.x concert tour of audiovisual performances was initiated in March 2006 and continues to this day. Generator.x 2.0 was a workshop and exhibition produced in collaboration with the Club Transmediale 2008 festival in Berlin, focusing on digital fabrication and computational architecture.

Marius is a lecturer at the Oslo School of Architecture and at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Department of design. He has given many workshops and lectures on topics like as computational aesthetics, live cinema and digital fabrication

Demo: ModelBuilder and MakerBot

A practical demo of parametric modeling for the MakerBot, using the ModelBuilder library for Processing. We'll be looking at how to build polygon mesh models without all those pesky for-loops. Bring a laptop with Processing installed, we'll have MakerBots and plastic. You probably need to know what vertices, quad strips and vectors are to get the best value for your time. But fret not, sample code will be provided

Session: Random thoughts on Form and Code

A brief survey of the state of computational aesthetics from early pioneers to the recent boom in creatives working with code. From infoporn to data sculpture and generative landscape painting, what new ideas are coming out of this new movement? And how do you deal with algorithmic clichés anyway?