John Keston

John is a musician, composer, and sound artist exploring the synesthetic relationships between auditory and optical landscapes. He's interested in evoking stochastic behaviors in compositional structures by translating visual or gestural input into sound.

John's work involves performance, composition, experimental software development, music and sound art. He founded the sound design resource,, where he documents his ongoing projects and research. His group Keston and Westdal have performed internationally including the Montreal Jazz Festival, and the Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Art. He is also an instructor in interactive media at the Art Institutes Minnesota.

His latest project, Ostracon, performs generative, improvisational compositions using his custom software, the GMS (Gestural Music Sequencer), developed in Processing, which converts video input into musical phrases. Along with Graham O'Brien on drums, John captures, layers, loops and processes melodic segments in real-time out of the stream of notes created by his gestural input, tailored with probability distribution algorithms. O'Brien accompanies these angular, electronic structures, with dynamic playing that, at times, verges on the chaotic.

Session: Using Digital Imagery to Generate Sounds and Music

John Keston will be demonstrating how he produces generative sounds and music from still and moving images. After presenting some examples of his work, he will show how he uses GMS (Gestural Music Sequencer), Open Source software that he developed using the Processing language. Later in the evening at the Honey Lounge John will be performing in Ostracon with Graham O'Brien on drums utilizing the techniques demonstrated in his presentation.

Party: Live Music at Honey

Catch a few sets by musicians who make the things they make music with. They'll be at Honey, just across the street from Nye's. Float back and forth for a change of atmosphere. Free entry and free drinks for Eyeo attendees with their badge. Featuring:

Low-Gain - Logan Erickson builds his own modulars.

Ostracon - John Keston on Gestural Music Sequencer and Graham O'Brien on drums.

Eskimo Spy - An amazing Ableton producer/performer.

*Bring your Eyeo Festival badge to get in. Music starts at 10.

Google Map: Honey