Team Eyeo is comprised of a few friends who wanted to make something cool happen; Dave Schroeder, Jer Thorp, Wes Grubbs, and Julian Dolce.

Dave Schroeder is the primary contact. Don’t be afraid to make contact and hit him with questions or requests.

Mailing address
Eyeo Festival c/o Dave Schroeder
3240 Elliot Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55407

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These guys.
Dave Schroeder is the the owner and operator of Pilotvibe Music & Sound Design. In addition to Eyeo, he previously founded and produced the Flashbelt Conference (2003 to 2010). He’s the Minneapolis connection. He likes people who take initiative and fearlessly make cool things, and cares about how technology shapes our lives.

Jer Thorp is a data visualist, who somehow sweet talked just about all the speakers we have lined up for 2011. He currently lives in NYC and can be found at

Wes Grubbs runs Pitch Interactive in Madison, WI. Among other invaluable things, Pitch is responsible for the Eyeo web site.

Julian Dolce is the Platform Lead at QNX Software Systems in Ottawa, CAN.

Credits / Thanks:
EightHourDay: Identity
Pitch Interactive: Web
Typografika: Print Design
Puny Entertainment: Titles