The first Eyeo Festival has come and gone. Thanks to everyone who participated. Great crowd, amazing speakers and an energy and enthusiasm that was completely inspiring. We’ll see you next year. In the meantime, we’ll post videos of select presentations on our Vimeo Page and you can find images from the festival on our Flickr.

3 Days + 350 Attendees + A Stellar Collection of Talent = One Amazing Event.

It’s an exciting time. It’s an exciting time to be interested in art, interaction, and information. The way we experience all three is changing.  The way creative minds employ technology gives us a glimpse into what’s possible, and things to come.  Access to data and tools has entered a new realm.  What data is- is changing; It’s a social media feed, it’s waving your finger at a sensor, it’s open access to oceans of digitized archives.  Tools are built from scratch, hacked and repurposed as needed. We are immersed in a sea of ones and zeros floating around us just waiting to send and deliver another new experience.  The Eyeo Festival brings together the most exciting people creating these experiences today.

Three days of inspirational talks, demos, labs, and workshops and opportunities to connect with people whose extraordinary creations are pushing the envelope. The line up is amazing. 30 brilliant individuals, one amazing collection of talent and insight.  Add yourself to the mix, and it just gets better. Converge to Inspire – Indeed.

Come to Eyeo if you’re interested in:
- Art & Technology / Music & Technology
- Creative Code
- Data Visualization
- Design
- Experience Design / Storytelling
- Interactive Installations / Architecture & Interaction
- Physical Inputs / Gestural Computing /  Kinect Hacks
- Physical Outputs / 3D Printing / Arduino
- Processing / OpenFrameworks / Cinder